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About Homeovitality

About two decades ago, scientists began the Human Genome Project with a view to determining the entire sequence of human DNA; our genetic blueprint. The turn of the century marked its completion and the beginning of an exciting new era in human health.


During the Human Genome Typing Project of the late 20th century, it was discovered that the genetic blueprint contains many genes that enhance vitality as well as many genes that cause illness. Doctors Jenaer and Marichal pioneered the use of highly diluted micro DNA molecules with well-defined sequences to target immune response genes and fight infections. Their system, called Micro-Immunotherapy proved to be very effective. The Homeovitality system is developed along the same lines as Micro-Immunotherapy.

The System Perfected

After many years of research, Dr. Peter H. Kay, world-renowned scientist, molecular pathologist, immunologist, and geneticist developed the Homeovitality micro-DNA therapy system. He developed it to enable everyone to benefit from emerging scientific discoveries that may be used to activate, guard and enhance natural supreme vitality. The Homeovitality system delivers these benefits by taking advantage of the same proven high dilution technology used in Micro-immunotherapy.

How Homeovitality Works

It was discovered that DNA molecules are able to communicate with each other through sequence identity, suggesting that DNA molecules have some way of emitting signals that can be recognized by other DNA molecules with the same sequence. Furthermore, highly diluted DNA molecules, approximately 5-6C, have the capacity to emit electromagnetic signals, especially when they have been mechanically agitated. The Homeovitality system uses highly diluted Nano-molecules with precise sequences to target gene intelligence that produces the body’s natural proteins proven to enhance supreme vitality.

Hybrid Vigor

In more recent times, especially following completion of the Human Genome Project, new genes have been discovered that play a vital role in maintaining mind and body strength as well as protecting against and correcting illness. Furthermore, scientists are now beginning to discover that hybrid vigor, nature’s “supreme vitality”, plays a very important role in maximizing our mind and body strength & functionality.