Enhances Glutathione Efficacy & Liver Detoxification


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Glutaborn (HoV-GT1)

Enhances Glutathione Efficacy & Liver Detoxification

Glutaborn, HoV-GT1 has been designed to target the gene GSTM1 to improve vitality by increasing glutathione levels. Glutathione is one of the body’s most important anti-oxidants and anti-toxins.

What does GSTM1 do?

Glutathione is one of the body’s most powerful anti-oxidants. It also plays a significant role in recycling other important anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. Glutathione also plays a major role in detoxification by chemically altering toxins so that they can be removed safely from the body. Unfortunately, many factors that we are exposed to on a daily basis such as poor diet, pollution, toxins, toxins, chemicals, stress, trauma, aging, contagion and radiation all deplete the availability of this most important promoter of vitality.

What is glutathione?

Glutathione is a very important life promoting molecule that is produced naturally and continuously in the body. It is made by combining three amino acids, cysteine, glycine and glutamine.

Glutathione itself cannot be obtained directly from food. Following its use as an anti-oxidant or an anti-toxin, glutathione is recycled. Since many factors such as those outlined above deplete glutathione, it is not surprising that low levels of glutathione lead to development of many ailments.

Why is glutathione so important?

Dr. Hyman has discovered that low levels of glutathione are found in nearly all sick patients. These include people with continuous tiredness, heart sickness, cyclic cells, continuous attacks from foreign agents, insulin resistance, cognitive dysfunctions, neurological dysfunctions, joint distress, difficulty breathing, kidney and liver sickness to name a few [1].

How is glutathione made?

Glutathione is synthesized by a number of genes, one of the most important being glutathione S-transferase Mu 1 or GSTM1 for short. GSTM1 is one of the most important genes needed for recycling glutathione in the body when it has been used.

The function of the gene GSTM1 is decreased in nearly all very sick people [1], therefore, targeting the GSTM1 gene will be of help to all those who suffer from any form of illness and help everyone to remain as vital as possible.

For a comprehensive review of the significance of glutathione in many ailments, see Ref. 2.

2. Ballatori et al., Glutathione dysregulation and the etiology and progression of human diseases. Biol. Chem. (2009) 390; 191.

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Key Points*

– Enhances Glutathione Efficacy
– Natural DNA Solutions
– Enhancing Genetic Intelligence

Additional Information

Product Code

Volume (of 1 bottle)
50 mL (apprx 6 week supply)

Acidum Nucleicum GT1 UHD at 10 -12
Ethanol (25%) in purified water

Directions For Use

Shake before use. Twice daily, add 8 drops to a little clean water. On a clean palate, rinse round mouth and swallow. More than one product can be taken in the same glass. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep product in original container.


Best stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight, excess heat, odors & children. Keep product in original container





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