Manages Serum LDL Levels


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Manages Serum LDL Levels

The Lo-LDLr product has been developed to help lower the level of LDL in the blood by targeting the LDL receptor gene, LDLR.

What does LDLR do?

There are two basic types of cholesterol related molecules in the blood. High density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL).

It is well recognized that the amount of LDL in the blood, compared to HDL, plays an important role in development of coronary artery sickness, hardening of the arteries and other heart problems as well as broken blood vessels, especially when it is in the oxidized form [1-4]. Oxidized LDL is a potent mediator of redness, swelling and discomfort, particularly when it is deposited on the inner surface of blood vessels of the heart.

Lower levels of LDL in the blood protect against development of heart sickness and the broken blood vessels. Fortunately, the body has an in-built mechanism for removing LDL from the blood. This is done via the LDL receptor which is encoded by the LDLR gene.

The LDL receptor is located on the outer surface of many cell types. Its function is to pick up LDL circulating in the bloodstream and transport it into the cell. Once inside the cell, the LDL is then broken down.

The LDL receptor is particularly abundant on the surface of liver cells. The liver is also the organ responsible for removing excess cholesterol from the body. The number of LDL receptors on the surface of liver cells determines how quickly LDL is removed from the blood. The greater the number of receptors on the surface of liver cells, the more efficient is the removal of LDL from the blood. Therefore the LDLR gene targeting product has been developed to help increase the number of LDL receptors on the surface of liver cells, and other cells, so that LDL is kept at the lowest level possible in the blood, minimizing the likelihood of development of heart sickness and broken blood vessels.
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2. Law MR et al., By how much and how quickly does reduction in serum cholesterol concentration lower risk of ischaemic heart disease? BMJ.1994;308:367.
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– Manages Serum LDL
– Natural DNA Solutions
– Enhancing Genetic Intelligence

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Volume (of 1 bottle)
50 mL (6apprx 6 week supply)

Acidum Nucleicum LDL UHD at 10 -12
Ethanol (25%) in purified water

Directions For Use

Shake before use. Twice daily, add 8 drops to a little clean water. On a clean palate, rinse round mouth and swallow. More than one product can be taken in the same glass. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep product in original container.


Best stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight, excess heat, odors & children. Keep product in original container




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