Activates Cellular Longevity


Product Description

Telomerase (HoV-TERT)

Activates Cellular Longevity

Telomerase has been developed to target the TERT gene to support new tissue growth and slow down aging.

What does the TERT gene do?

Telomerase, also called telomere terminal transferase, is an enzyme made up of a protein which serves as a catalytic unit and RNA subunits. The RNA units guide the activity of the catalytic protein. The protein component, a reverse transcriptase, is encoded by a gene called TERT.

Each time a cell divides, such as to repair damaged tissue or renew old tissues for example or during development, the ends of the cell’s chromosomes become frayed and lost. When too much of the ends of chromosomes are lost, the cell loses the ability to divide and form new cells. This is called cellular senescence and results in tissue aging. Telomerase helps to repair the ends of damaged chromosomes so that new cells and new tissues can be produced; slowing down the aging process and repairing damaged tissues more effectively [1].

The Telomerase Micro DNA Solution is best avoided by those with cyclic cell diagnosis.


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Key Points*

– Activates Cellular Longevity
– Natural DNA Solutions
– Enhancing Genetic Intelligence

Additional Information

Product Code

Volume (of 1 bottle)
50 mL (apprx 6 week supply)

Acidum Nucleicum TERT UHD at 10 -12
Ethanol (25%) in purified water

Directions For Use

Shake before use. Twice daily, add 8 drops to a little clean water. On a clean palate, rinse round mouth and swallow. More than one product can be taken in the same glass. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep product in original container


Best stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight, excess heat, odors & children. Keep product in original container


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