Manages Foreign Cell Response Helping Eliminate Irregular Cells


Product Description

TumOX40 (HoV-OX4)

Manages Foreign Cell Response Helping Eliminate Irregular Cells

TumOX40 has been designed to target the OX40 gene, the gene that encodes the OX 40 cytotoxic T-cell immune stimulant. OX40 plays an important role in enabling immune cells to function more efficiently and eliminate abnormal cells more effectively.

What does the OX40 gene do?

There are a number of different types of cells within the immune system. One of them, a type of T cell called a cytotoxic T cell, plays an important role in the elimination of abnormal cell cycles. OX40 augments T cell expansion and cytokine production for survival of specific cytotoxic T cells which inhibit abnormal cell cluster growth. Cell cycle specific T cells in the body confirm the importance of immune responsiveness.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that members of the cell cycle necrosis factor superfamily direct many parts of the immune system. One family member, OX40 has been found to be a key factor that augments T-cell expansion, cytokine production, and survival of cell cycle specific cytotoxic T cells. Studies over the last decade or so have also confirmed that OX40 does in fact increase the ability of cytotoxic T cells to recognize abnormal cells as being foreign, enhancing their ability to eliminate foreign cells (see Ref. 1 and within).

Reference to how OX40 may stimulate the activity of abnormal cell cycles specific cytotoxic T-cells is diagrammatically represented in the Agonox literature [2].

1. Jensen et al., Signaling through OX40 enhances antitumor immunity. Seminars in Oncology. 2010: 37, 524.
2. http://www.agonox.com/ox40immunotherapy/cancertherapy.html

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Key Points*

– Manages Foreign Cell Responses
– Natural DNA Solutions
– Enhancing Genetic Intelligence

Additional Information

Product Code

Volume (of 1 bottle)
50 mL (apprx 6 week supply)

Acidum Nucleicum OX4 UHD at 10 -12
Ethanol (25%) in purified water

Directions For Use

Shake before use. Twice daily, add 8 drops to a little clean water. On a clean palate, rinse round mouth and swallow. More than one product can be taken in the same glass. Do not use if seal is broken. Keep product in original container.


Best stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight, excess heat, odors & children. Keep product in original container



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